Frits Wilmink

Welcome on my homepage

About me:

Having worked for 20+ years (and counting) in the telecommunication industry, I'm still fascinated by the way technology influences and improves the way we communicate, both on a personal as on a business level. I currently work at Mitel as a consultant where I help our business partners to design, offer and sell our solutions, ranging from a simple PBX to multimedia contact centers, cloud based communication systems and video systems. I designed and implemented a demo system (credentials available on request) that allows our business partners to demonstrate our contact center technology and it's web integration.

Stuff I'm interested in:

The wordcloud should give you an impression, but by the time you read this it's probably incomplete. I strongly believe in the concept of life long learning, actually it's both a prerequisite to be able to survive in this industry and fun at the same time.


Business communications

Nowadays a customers journey starts the website of a company, and so does communication. Do you really want your customer to have to go to the contact us section of your website and type over the digits of your main number, only to talk to the operator and get transferred a couple of times to get an answer to a question? Not to mention having ask the same question time and time again. There is a better way that not only improves the customer experience, but also streamlines the business processes. Contextual communication uses the behaviour of a website visitor to guess the topic of the question, and use this information to route this visitor to a subject expert. If the website visitor just spend some time looking at specifications of a product you sell on your website, the question will probably be about this product. The communication channel can be anything like voice (calling from within the browser), WhatsApp, WebChat, email or even live video. I enjoy consulting companies about this subject and build these solutions. When properly implemented this can result in an improved customer experience and effeciency gain for the company.


Internet of Things (IoT)

In the near future your appliances such as a refrigirator, thermostat, smartphone, lighting, washingmachine etc. will all be connected to the internet. This will make possible a whole new range of applications, such as your house turning on the heating when you're on your way home, and it's cold outside (geofencing), or the washing machine operating when electricity tariff is lowest. I like experimenting with IoT application by making use of the community operated network called The Things Network. This network uses LoRaWAN technology and originated in The Netherlands. I plan on hosting a gateway for this network in the future.



WebRTC is an exciting technology that allows audio and video communications (and a lot more) from within a browser. It promises to change the way we communicate and was actually the reason for me to build this site. If you would like to try this yourself, just click callme and give me a call. I will add videoconferencing and chat in the near future.